Friday, 15 July 2016

PBL Essentials - HIP HOP Genius! - PD Prep

PBL Essentials - HIP HOP Genius!

Notes made when viewing Sam Seidel Keynote - PBL World 2013 (

I am going to a PBL PD course and was asked to watch this video as part of the preparation. Sam was very good at Keepin' it Real!

9th Essential - Keep it Real (World)
  1. Keep it Real -
    1. Read Books
    2. Classroom
    3. Went into a Real World and was a Student Teacher (Keep it Real)
      1. Scaffolded/Supported Real world learning
  2. Denis Littky
  3. Create “Realationships”
    1. “I am getting into better and better arguments with more and more important people”
    2. Have a real audience

10th Essential - Keep it Real (Work)
  1. Use the real Materials
  2. Authentic Assessment - Proove it (True to the field)

11th Essential - Keep it Real (Relevant)
  1. The work must follow the stuff that they care about.
  2. Voice and Choice
  3. Lines of Desire - hard because all need different

KEEP IT REAL - Repetition

SWAGGACITY - has a specific Swagger

How can we make our walls more permeable?

How can I make my work more real?

What do you love to do?

The project should be the MAIN COURSE!

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